All of us are impressed by the Parable of the humble Publican and the proud Pharisee, which we heard today, on the first Sunday of the Triodion.

Zachaeus, the chief tax collector, who was presented to us in today's Gospel reading, was  empowered by the Government authorities to determine and collect state taxes. This provided him with wealth and power. But his soul was empty. How can material goods satisfy his spirit?

All the preaching of Christ and His Church can be summed up in only one word: repentance. As we heard in today's Gospel reading, Christ began his preaching with repentance and he ended it up also with repentance. After His Resurrection, He commanded the Apostles to proclaim repentance in His name to all the nations.

From what we have heard in today’s Gospel, we see how simply and humbly John the Baptist tells the people that Jesus is the Son of God, the one that humanity has waited countless centuries for as its Savior

Glory and thanksgiving to our Most-merciful God, the Creator of everything, who has deemed us worthy to celebrate the rise of the New Year once again. The wishes that we exchange, they usually reflect our deepest desire to have health, peace and joy.


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