The first Div. Liturgy in Alanya was celebrated by Metropolitan Sotirios of Pisidia at the historic Church of Saint George of the Mountain on December 25, 2012, on the great Feast of Christmas. Although the church had suffered serious damage, as it had been abandoned for 90 years, it did not cease to touch the hearts of the faithful. The thought that Christ was born in a stable, comforted the faithful that the Lord will not discredit the celebration of His Birth in this humble temple that was left on this area after the persecution of Christians in 1922.

Since then, with the permission of the Local Authorities, the Divine Liturgy was celebrated once a month by the Bishop and priests coming from the Ecumenical Patriarchate, Greece and Russia, until January of the year 2015, when renovation works of the church and the surroundings started.

During renovation works, the Mayor of Alanya ceded the Cultural Center of Alanya for the celebration of the Orthodox Divine Liturgy, every Sunday.

From November 15, 2015, the Divine Liturgy and all the daily Services are celebrated by a permanent priest at the newly built Holy church of the Virgin Pisidiotissa at Upper Machmoutlar area in Alanya. The Opening Ceremony and the first Div. Liturgy was celebrated by His All Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew on that day.

For Orthodox Christians, who reside at the city of Alanya and its western suburbs, from January 2016 the Divine Liturgy is celebrated on the first Sunday of each month at the renovated church of St. George of the Mountain, (Hıdırellez) with the permission of the Local Authorities.

The Divine Liturgy on Sundays and feast days begins:
  • At 9:00 am at the Church of Pissidiotissa (preceded by Matins at 8:00 am) and
  • At 9:30 am at St. George Church (on the first Sunday of each month) preceded by the Hours
For those who wish to attend the Services there are buses leaving from the Machmoutlar City Hall going to the Church of Pisidiotissa and from Alanya City Hall for the Church of St. George of the Mountain, Alanya.

For more information you may call:
  • 0242-5651890
  • 0534 018 0540
  • 0539 463 7955
  • 0541 5580311


Τelephone for transfer to church +90(507)988-9565