It’s already the third year as on September the 3rd  the feast of the icon of our Lady of Pisidia is celebrated in Alanya in the church of the same name. The original icon of the Holy Mother of Pisidia has been famous for the miracles that occurred in the VI century in Sozopol, the region of Pisidia.

This year, the joyous Paschal greeting “Christ is Risen” was also heard in the city of Side for the first time in 96 years. The Orthodox Christians living there, with the permission of the local Authorities, used a spacious room  of the Municipality for their first gathering for worship on Easter day.

The Orthodox Christians in Alanya celebrated for the third time the Feast of Holy Easter at the Church of Panagia Pissidiotissa. The feelings of deep emotion, joy and gratitude towards the Risen Lord cannot be described!

This year, the Orthodox faithful in Antalya celebrated Holy Easter with great joy. The students of the newly found Sunday School decorated the premises of the Parish Center with great enthusiasm.

On December 24, 2017 in the Alanya Orthodox Cultural Center, after the the Divine Liturgy in the Church of “Panagia Pisidiotissa a Christmas morning performed.


Schedule of services on January 2019

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