In every Divine Liturgy, as well as in other Holy Services, we address petitions to God For our Archbishop (the name), the reverend presbyters, the deacons in the service of Christ, and all our brotherhood in Christ.” In this, we are praying for the spiritual pastors (Bishop, Priests and Deacons) that the Church has made responsible for every liturgical and spiritual need of the faithful. This pastoral care for Christians continues until their departure from this world, and even beyond, with the offering of Memorial Services for the comfort of their souls.

The eminent figure of the Blessed Virgin Mary reigns supreme in the souls of the Orthodox faithful, in particular for the month of August, which is when the feast of her glorious Dormition occurs. This celebration, beginning on August 15th (the main feast day) is in honor of her ascent into the heavenly realm, next to the throne of Her Son and God, and comes to an end on August 23rd.


We are pleased to announce to the pious faithful of the Holy Archdiocese of Constantinople and of the Holy Metropolises in Turkey that beginning from this (Soul) Saturday, June 6th, Divine Services will be celebrated in our Holy Temples with the participation of the faithful, adhering to the provisional guidelines for protection of the health authorities (1.5 m distance between churchgoers, use of disinfectant and appropriate face masks, etc.).

Almighty Master, the help and salvation of the world; the redeemer and Savior of the sick; the physician and aid of the ailing; the healer of the sorrows of mankind’s bodies and souls; who vanquished death: our God.

On December 1st, during the Sunday Liturgy at the Church of St. Alypios in Antalya, His Grace Bishop Ambrosios of Evdokiada, with the blessing of His Eminence Sotirios, Metropolitan of Pisidia and Exarch of Side and Antalya, presided over the ordination to the Diaconate of Reader Sergei Palatnikov. This event brought great joy and spiritual delight to our faithful.


Schedule of services on December 2020

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