"By faith they blocked the mouths of lions, quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, out of weakness they were made strong." (Heb.11:33-34)   

Beloved brothers and children in the Lord, With the grace and loving kindness of God, tomorrow we enter the arena of Holy and Great Lent, the most suitable period for the soul—our own soul—to turn toward the Lord.

At the beginning of every New Year we spontaneously express our wishes for joy and happiness, because, apart from health, these are the two traits we all wish for.

This joyous message was heard from heaven to earth during the holy Christmas night. And this same message has a timeless power and value. It gives great joy "to all people" of every era, now and always even unto the end of time.

We praise and glorify the God in Trinity, who deemed us worthy once again this year to reach the great feast of the Nativity in the flesh of the Son and Word of God the Father in “little Bethlehem.”


Schedule of services on May 2021

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