Today’s Gospel describes an unprecedented miracle of the Lord; the healing of a beggar born blind.  Of course, people have been cured of various disabilities and illnesses, but a person born blind?

As we heard in the Gospel, a Samaritan woman met Jesus at the well of Jacob and asked Him, Where should we worship God, in Jerusalem or Mount Gerizim?  The Lord replied:  The place does not matter, but what is most important is how we worship God.

The miraculous healing of the Paralytic, which was described in the Gospel reading helps us to understand this:  How God acts in the treatment of those who are in need of healing and how that person must respond to this loving act of God

Our Church, during the Paschal season, celebrates the blessed women, known as the Myrrh-bearers. These women followed Jesus on His travels, and stood by Him with faithfulness, courage and dedication.

John the Evangelist presents to us today two very powerful encounters with the Lord that His disciples had after His Resurrection.    The first appearance of Christ was in the evening, on the very day He had risen.


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