In today’s reading, St. Paul the Apostle is explaining in his Letter to the Galatians that the Gospel he has preached to them is not man made, but of Christ.  To this end, he uses arguments derived from events in his own life.

The feast of Christmas is today! A feast of immense joy, embracing the entire world! The Angel of God brings to the shepherds of Bethlehem the cheerful Message from Heaven that will fill the entire world with gladness-both the heavenly and earthly world.

We hear and read during the last few days so many contradictory things related to the Ukrainian question, things that are making us dizzy.

In today’s Apostolic Reading, we heard with how much faith Abraham and his descendants obeyed the voice of God and with great certainty and patience they waited for the promise He had given them to be fulfilled.

For ten years, I have been keeping my ears and my heart open to your messages of pain, to your problems and to your anxieties, trying along with my prayers to do the best I can on all of these. However, today your spiritual father feels that he is the one in need of sharing with you his own personal pain and of asking for your prayer.


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