Our Church, during the Paschal season, celebrates the blessed women, known as the Myrrh-bearers. These women followed Jesus on His travels, and stood by Him with faithfulness, courage and dedication.

John the Evangelist presents to us today two very powerful encounters with the Lord that His disciples had after His Resurrection.    The first appearance of Christ was in the evening, on the very day He had risen.

The experience of Christ’s Resurrection, the all-saving victory of Life over Death, is the nucleus of faith, divine worship, ethos and culture of the Christ-loving orthodox people of God

Easter! The All Bright Feast of the Church! Easter, the source of joy for all Christians! Orthodox Christians with great enthusiasm are rushing to the Divine Liturgy of the Resurrection in order to experience the presence of the Risen Lord and proclaim triumphantly

The triumphal entrance of Jesus in Jerusalem is celebrated today.   A great number of people followed the Lord, all moving with great enthusiasm!   First of all the children, who took branches of palm trees and cried out “Hosanna”!


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