For the first time this year, Orthodox Christians of Alanya, they had the special blessing of being able to participate in all Church Services during the Great and Holy Week.

(In the three preceding years, due to the absence of an Owner of the church, local Authorities conferred a space only for the morning Mass on Easter Sunday).

This year, at the newly built church of Panagia Pisidiotissa , Rev Fr. Constantine Shevchenko, assisted by his Presvytera Anna, a music major, together with a group of Chanters, provided the faithful with the opportunity to attend with devotion and joy the solemn Church Services, which were held morning and afternoon during all the days of Holy Week, according to the ecclesiastical tradition.

On Palm Sunday the church was decorated with palm branches (which are plentiful in this area) symbolizing the receiving of the Bridegroom of the Church.

On Holy Thursday the procession of the Crucified Christ took place. The icon of the Crucifixion was painted by Fr. Constantine, who is also an iconographer.

On Good Friday the procession of the Holy Epitaph took place, which was decorated by the pious hands of the ladies.

On the holy Night of the Resurrection, His Eminence, Archbishop of Telmessu Mr. Job, representative of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Geneva, celebrated the Ceremony of the Resurrection and the Divine Liturgy, at the end of which he blessed the red eggs and the traditional Easter buns.

His Eminence Metropolitan Job of Telmessu conducted the Service of Easter Vespers of Love at the Church of St. Paul & St. Alypius in Attaleia, where for six consecutive years the Services of Holy Week are held with the participation of a huge crowd of faithful.


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