At every Vespers, we hear the prayer: Lord, now You are letting Your servant depart in peace, according to Your word; For my eyes have seen your salvation ..." (Luke 2: 29-31). As St. Luke the Evangelist writes, it is with these words that the Righteous Symeon praised and thanked God, when he took the 40 day old baby Jesus in his arms, while in the Temple of Jerusalem.

We often hear in the Divine LIturgy and other Holy Services of the Church prayers and supplications before God that are related to mercy,” such as: "Have mercy on us,O God, according to your great mercy...”; “ For you, O God, are merciful and love mankind ... "; By the mercy and compassion and love for man of Your Only-begotten Son...” These and many other similar expressions are heard repeatedly in our common worship, appealing to the merciful God.

In the Divine Liturgy, and also in every holy Service of our Church, the most frequent prayer we hear to God is Lord, have mercy. Every petition offered by the celebrant, whether it is at the start of the Divine Liturgy, the Vespers, Matins, or all Services, ends with the words ...let us pray to the Lord”- and the people respond with Lord, have mercy.Where the Sacred Mysteries are offered, this is done. It is the same with the other petitions, which begin with We also pray for…” The people respond with Lord, have mercy,sometimes only once, but it can be three times, twelve times, or even forty times! 

Christ is the true Light” (see John 1:9). Those who believe in Him and are members of His One Holy Church, receive His light. This is how Christians themselves become light, by reflecting the light of Christ that is within. They cannot keep it to themselves or hide it! The Lord said, "You are the light of the world..." (Matthew 5:14). Christ's mission for Christians is for them to spread His light to others.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is Light. However, He does not confine His Light to Himself. As the God-inspired Evangelist John proclaims, The Word [Christ] is the true Light as He comes to the world gives light to every man” (Cf. John 1:9). As the sun when it rises fills with light all those who receive its bright rays, so does Christ, the Sun of righteousness”, as the Christmas Dismissal hymn calls Him, enlightens spiritually every man who will desire to receive His life-giving rays.


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