The greatest and most blessed event in the history of mankind was the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ to earth for His salvific work. Many of us may envy the people who lived at that time in Galilee and Judea, because they were privileged to see our Lord Jesus Christ-God Himself, with their own eyes. They witnessed the sick being healed of incurable diseases, and men being freed from demonic forces. It truly would have been wonderful to be alive in those times, being able to see Christ ourselves!

The prayer of bowing the head at the Vespers service ends with the petition: “Oh Lord our God … protect us … from any adverse action coming from the devil, from any vain thoughts and evil memories.” Satanic actions, thoughts and evil memories are attempting to infect the soul and body of the Christian. We hear this petition, with various other expressions, repeated in almost all the holy Services of our Church, daily.

The subject of our previous homily was that of tolerance towards one another with love.

When we hear the exhortation of the Apostle Paul to ”forbear one another...” (Colossians 3:13), questions and even objections may arise:

“If someone insults, harms or slanders us for no reason, why should we not react? Are we not just encouraging this unjust behavior?”

In one of the hymns of the Ninth Hour, addressing ourselves to our Crucified Lord, we make the following supplication: “You, Oh Lord, Who are tolerant towards all, remember me in Your kingdom”.

What profound meaning these few words contain! In them we are reminded of the countless times the Lord demonstrated His tolerance. Instead of focusing on His endurance of His declared enemies while on earth, let us examine the Lord’s manifest patience towards Hs own Twelve Disciples.

Spiritual exercise that constitutes the ascetical life is an essential element in the life of a Christian, as emphasized in both the Bible and in the Holy Tradition of the Church. Those who willingly indulged in spiritual exercise throughout their lives reached the heights of holiness. Monks and nuns who take refuge in monasteries or in sketes and in hermitages practice it with special diligence. Many from the ranks of the monastics, through their practice according to Gods will, became Saints.


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