This year, the joyous Paschal greeting “Christ is Risen” was also heard in the city of Side for the first time in 96 years. The Orthodox Christians living there, with the permission of the local Authorities, used a spacious room  of the Municipality for their first gathering for worship on Easter day. Previously, there had been a collaboration with the Holy Metropolis of Pisidia, which the area belongs to, and Rev. Constantine, Oikonomos of the Ecumenical Throne, after having performed all the holy Services at the sacred Church of Panagia Pisidiotissa in Alania, went to the neighboring city of Side in the afternoon of Easter Sunday. The Christians of the area welcomed him with great joy and with Easter Eggs and traditional Russian cakes (koolitz) in order to have them blessed. The Hall was transformed into a temporary Chapel and the Service of the Vespers of Love was performed. The feeling of sacred emotion and joy were manifest in everyone’s face.

May the Risen Lord bless the efforts that are being made in order to establish regular Divine Liturgies in the city of Pamphylia, too, which for centuries was the seat of the Metropolis.

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