On December 24, 2017 in the Alanya Orthodox Cultural Center, after the the Divine Liturgy in the Church of “Panagia Pisidiotissa a Christmas morning performed. With congratulatory Message on behalf of Metropolitan of Pisidia, the Dean of the church Father Konstantin (Shevchenko) addressed. In his address, The priest

In his address stressed that the importance of the event in strengthening and transferring traditions, customs of the celebration of the Nativity of Christ and the Orthodox cultural heritage of Christians living in Alanya.

In the matinee, children, pupils of the Classica-M school, their parents, teachers and parishioners of the Church took part. Transferring spectators to the 2000-year-old Sacred history, the children showed sketches about the God-born Christ child, performed music, songs and dances. With great joy at the end of the holiday, the priest gave the children sweet gifts.

On December 25, in the Church of the “Panagia Pisidiotissa” a festive Divine Liturgy was held in honor of the Nativity of Our Savior Jesus Christ. The divine service was headed by the Dean of the Church, Father Konstantin (Shevchenko). After the hearing of the Holy Gospel, the Christmas  Message of H.A. Holiness Bartholomew, the Ecumenical Patriarch were read out. Upon the reading of the intercessory prayer, the Cross procession and the festive Artoclassia were performed.

At the end of the festive Holy Service  the parishioners united in universal joy at the festive table for tea and refreshments.

By similar events the Christmas were celebrated and in Antalya. (Here are related photos)

From the Christmas decoration of the premises of St. Paul -St. Alypios in Antalya


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