Today is a great and joyous day for all people! “Today is the beginning of our salvation and the revelation of the eternal mystery,” chants our Church.

In today’s Gospel reading, we heard the story of a father, who pleaded with the Disciples to free his son from the demonic spirit that tortured him, but they could do nothing. Later when Jesus came close to them, Jesus performed the miracle, and saved the child from Satan

Today our Church projects the bloodstained Cross of our Lord and invites the faithful to venerate it with spiritual joy and sacred yearning. We venerate the Holy Cross of Christ, Who willingly was crucified on it.

As it says in today’s Gospel reading, Jesus taught in a house of Capernaum. The house was overflowing with people. Many of them were gathered around the doors and windows to hear Him.

With great brilliance, the Church celebrates today the Feast of Orthodoxy. This celebration was established to honor the Restoration of the Holy Icons after more than 100 years of persecution.   The fanatical iconoclasts hatefully fought against the Orthodox clergy and laity who honored the sacred images.


Schedule of services on July 2019

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