On the 21st of November, the Church celebrates a special Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary, her going to the Temple of Jerusalem.  As we know from Holy Tradition, her parents Sts. Joachim and Anna were elderly and beyond child bearing years.

Saints have been revealed in the Holy Orthodox Church all throughout history, and not just during the Apostolic Age or years of Roman persecution.  Prominent among them is a great Saint of the 20th century who is celebrated on November 9th:  St. Nektarios the Wonderworker.

In the  Nicene Creed (Creed of Faith) we confess our faith in God as “maker of heaven and earth and of all things, visible and invisible.”

October 27th is the day the Church honors the Martyr St. Nestor, whose life and martyrdom are directly linked to the glorious Martyr St. Demetrios of Thessaloniki.  It is for this reason that the lives and testimony of these famous saints be studied together.

St. Gerasimos was born in Trikala, of the Corinthian eparchy in 1506.  His father, Demetrios, was from an aristocratic family in Constantinople.  St. Gerasimos was raised and educated as a member of the ruling class at that time. When he was 20 years old, he decided to go to Zakynthos (Zante), a great center of education in that period.


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