On the 3rd of September, in the Church that was built 5 years ago in honor of the Holy Icon of Our Most Holy Lady of Pisidia in Alanya of Antalya, the annual feast was celebrated by the faithful of the region. His Grace Ambrosios of Evdokias the auxiliary bishop to H. Eminence Metropolitan Sotirios of Pisidia, Exarch of Side and Antalya, presided over the Divine Liturgy which was concelebrated by Economos of the Ecumenical Throne Fr. Konstantin Shevchenko, the Dean of the Church; Hieromonk Vladimir Rusanov, the priest of the church of St. Alypios the Stylite; and Deacon Sergei Palatnikau.

The Divine Liturgy was celebrated in Slavonic. The Liturgy was attended by the faithful from Alanya and Antalya, most of whom are Russian-speaking. The choir was eloquently conducted by matushka/presbytera Anna Shevchenko.

The sermon of the ruling Metropolitan was read in Russian by Bishop Amvrosios who also delivered the greetings and blessings of the overseer of Pisidia, His Eminence Sotirios. Additionally, he expressed the grief of His Eminence who, due to the coronavirus could not attend the feast as he has always had done. For the first time the feast was celebrated in his absence and him being far away from his flock which he governs tirelessly.

At the end of the Divine Liturgy special prayers were offered for the children and youth for the enlightenment of their minds and hearts for the new academic year.

The traditional festal meal with treats was served to all the faithful in an area located by the church, all in accordance with the prevailing safety measures.

The remembrance of the Miracles of the Holy Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos of Pisidia was celebrated in Nea Ionia of Attica, with the initiative of the Assosiation of Alanya, as well as in Athens, Santorini and in Korea.


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