With great sadness we observe the growth of the number of people infected with the coronavirus, both in our countries of residence as well as the whole world. For this reason, in accordance with the measures taken by the authorities, we ought not to assemble in one specific place but to rather stay home.

Consequently, during the Great and Holy Week and the Pascha (Easter) of our Lord, services and divine liturgies will be conducted according to the rules of the Church and you will be able to follow the services from your homes through the internet.


We pray daily and ask of you to pray in faith, repentence and sincerity, so that God may enable us to overcome this tribulation as soon as possible. We wish you to be able to spend the Great and Holy Week and Pascha in your "home churches" spiritually and bodily healthy. We will experience the Passions of our Lord in our hearts and minds. We will feel His pains and sufferings. We will feel him close to us. And we will ask that He would give us patience, forgiveness of sins and make us able to experience His continuous presence in our lives.

Holy Metropolis of Pisidia


Τelephone for transfer to church +90(507)988-9565