On December 24, 2017 in the Alanya Orthodox Cultural Center, after the the Divine Liturgy in the Church of “Panagia Pisidiotissa a Christmas morning performed.

Here are photographic snapshots of the Sacred Sequences, performed during Holy Week and Easter, by H.E. Metropolitan Sotirios of Pisidia at the Holy Monastery of the Metamorphosis Kapyong and in the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas of Seoul, with H.E. Ambrosios, Metropolitan of Korea.

The Feast of Holy Easter was celebrated with devoutness and brilliance at the Orthodox Churches of Antalya and Alanya.

A big church in the ancient city of Pisidia, located in the southern province of Isparta’s Yalvaç district, has been finally unearthed after three years of work. The church, built in the sixth century, is believed to have been destroyed during a big fire in the 11th or 12th century.

The first celebration of the miraculous icon of Holy Mother of Pisidia was held September 3 2016 in the recently constructed church of Panagia Pisidiotissa, Alanya.The celebration started with the Vesper on the eve of the holiday, and on the next day Matins and the Divine Liturgy was held.


Schedule of services on February 2018

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