We want to inform you about the  new transport Program for Services to the Orthodox Cultural Center of Holy Mother of Pisidia (Mahmutlar-Alanya)

From July 17, 2016 Company SIDE TOUR  is the official transfer company for  Orthodox Cultural Center.

On the Bus a sign will write "Orthodox Cultural Center."

Route of bus are strictly regulated!!!

Please be at the bus stop 5 minutes before the appointed time!!!

Transfer in the morning on July 17 (Sunday) will cost 6 TL.

Transfer at the evenings on July 20 (Wednesday), 22 (Friday) and 23 (Saturday) will be free.

Transfer in the morning on July 24 (Sunday) will cost 6 TL.

Transfer at the evenings on July 27 (Wednesday), 29 (Friday) and 30 (Saturday) will be free.

From  the 31st of July the transport Program is the follow:

Every month parishioners  will be transferred to Orthodox Cultural Centre by SIDE TOUR using the monthly ticket.

This ticket  costs  25 TL.

The first  month starts from July 31 till August 31. The next months start  from the first  till the last day of each month.

The tickets start to sell from the mid of  previous month till the last day of previous month. 

Parishioners  who do not buy monthly ticket have to pay 6 TL for every transfer.

Children till 18 years (till the end of school) use transfer free.

In the ticket is included 1 monthly transfer to the Church of St.George in Alanya.

By this ticket parishioners  can transfer to the  Orthodox Cultural Centre all the month as follow:

Every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday – Vespers and other activities.

Every Sunday – Divine Liturgy.

Time and bus stops to Orthodox Cultural CENTRE

1st STOP: ALANYA BELEDIYESI, Ataturk monument. Sundays 07.30 // Weekdays 16.00 (WED. FR. SUT.)

2nd STOP: TOSMUR, Before DIMCHAY RIVER, on the seaside. Sundays 07.45 // Weekdays 16.15.

3rd STOP: MAHMUTLAR BELEDIYESI. Sundays 08.00 // Weekdays 16.30.

From the Orthodox Cultural Centre back  direction transfer time is 12.00 for Sunday and 19.00 for Weekdays.


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